Wideband COFDM

Our systems transmit and receive video, IP data, voice and many other types of auxiliary data.

The hardware supports a range of bit-rates and bandwidths from low bit-rate (1kbps) up to 100Mbps and higher. IQHQ has years of experience in unique COFDM design and implementation.

IQHQ’s COFDM applications are suitable for land, sea or air environments and offer unique datalink flexibility, including advanced spectrum management tools.

Our radios operate in either simplex or duplex modes with duplex modes offering frequency division duplexing (FDD) or adaptive time division duplexing (TDD).

The advanced software defined datalink capability allows the bandwidth of the COFDM to be specified, from narrowband modes to ultra-wideband modes with spectrum masks allowing waveform shaping for spectrum efficiency.