‘ELGAR’ is the next generation of air interface or ground communications waveform which can be deployed as fixed backbone links or mobile networked assets.

A fully integrated IP radio system which has the capability of integrating all types of traffic including legacy equipment. A multimode multi-profile standard, ELGAR allows mission defined radios to adapt or be configured to optimise your communications against the most arduous of environments and adversaries.ELGAR, while developed by IQHQ is now owned by the UK MOD and provides a testament to UK developed communications that are novel and capable. Developed as an air interface standard provides ground communication equally as well and gains ground against other standards by its flexibility. The ability to utilise multicarrier OFDM to mitigate channel fading and multipath, switching to single carrier for long range following a change of synchronisation scheme  and transec  optimisation is just a small cross section of the mission profiles available.