IQHQ offer all our customers a full maintenance support package to help get the most out of any equipment or service we provide.

This includes return to factory repair in support of first line maintenance and second line maintenance on customer sites, in theatre. We also offer  and on demand exchange service on faulty equipment if a contract stipulates the need.

All equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest standard and can be qualified to certain standards if needed. We also operate a full repair and trend analysis for all deliverables, in line with our philosophy to continually improve the services we provide.

Seamless modification and update programs ensure that all return to factory equipment is automatically updated to low level improvements. Sub version increments that do not impact device reliability can be updated simply in house where as version increments require subassembly replacements to a mk 2 product. Software updates take a similar path where sub version improvements increase capability yet version improvements are only compatible with mk2 hardware.