Micro & Nano

Miniature UAVs and drones place stringent requirements on the hardware and radio design.

Suppliers and platform integrators often opt for sub-standard digital waveforms (such as QPSK, GMSK) which help reduce the SWaP but sacrifice the reliability and resilience of the communications link. Link resilience in a multipath rich environment (such as short-range urban use) is compromised by using such waveforms.

At IQHQ, we design and produce reliable and resilient COFDM-based waveforms on ultra-low SWaP platforms suitable for small drones and UAVs. For example, the image below shows an S-band 2W transmitter spanning 2.3GHz to 2.8GHz integrated in a 60mm by 44mm form factor. Transmitters and receivers can be housed in a range of packages to meet the platform form factor and mechanical requirements.

IQHQ have in-house rapid board design engineers capable of meeting the most challenging SWaP requirements using the latest PCB layout and mechanical 3D design software.

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