Data communication

IQHQ Communication Pods provide long range transmission and high functionality at low-cost.

These compact, lightweight and low power pods come with a high definition non-gimbal camera as standard, or can be integrated with a large range of cameras, including invisible wavelengths. Some of the features of the pod include:

  • Built in GPS unit (including transmission of GPS position down to the ground station)
  • Built in AIS receiver (for collection of local AIS traffic) and cross referencing against imagery
  • Resolution: SD, HD including 1080i (50, 59.94, 60fps), 1080p (23.98, 24, 25, 30fps), 720p (50, 59.94, 60fps), 576i and 480i
  • Compatible with a wide range of IR sensors
  • IP or non-IP camera compatible
  • H264 encoding

IQHQ communication pods transmit up to 20km LOS as standard, with even higher ranges achievable, depending on customer requirements.