Autonomous surveillance

IQHQ’s Surveillance Pod is an advanced long-range maritime autonomous intelligence collection system.

Its low size, low weight and low power makes it ideal to be mounted to a range of large, medium or small sized unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

All of the necessary intelligence collection hardware is mounted in a specially design pod. The Surveillance Pod contains various sensors including:

  • A front-facing video camera (HD) which captures live video
  • A object recognition engine which spots ships and alerts the ground station
  • A video compression engine which allows the transmission of live video in real time to the ground
  • A GPS sensor which is used to plot the aircrafts position and also estimate the position of the surveillance targets
  • An AIS receiver which is used to map local AIS data and correlate that data against the camera imagery data
  • A very high resolution stills camera which takes additional photos of the surveillance targets once the UAS has passed overhead

The Surveillance Pod is designed for long duration missions. High resolution imagery is also stored locally on-board the Vision Pod, in the event of link outage, allowing the ground station operator to download images at will from the airborne platform, when the comms link is in range.

Surveillance Pod

Technical diagram