Our software team create operator software packages that flexibly control, configure and change the nature of our hardware. Mission defined hardware really brings the system into its own by supporting every feature we implement.

Flexibility can be fixed allowing pre configured profiles to meet customer needs or can allow limited configuration for the user to define their own profiles.

Our hardware and software control gives longevity to all customer solutions, meaning that future missions or requirements can be defined and existing terminals configured as they are needed.

The Aesthetics of user interfaces is key to simplicity and

Customers can install individual FPGA cores, algorithms or entire system on chip solutions (such as a digital radio front-end).

We operate a standard or flexible licensing model, depending on requirements. This approach allows customers to define and configure the complexity and volume of FPGA installations that they require in the most cost-effective manner.

We’re also able to manage a range of solutions, from low complexity cores or algorithms to high complexity systems with on chip solutions. IQHQ consulting offers rapid turnaround of complex FPGA subsystems.


All cores are written in VHDL providing a highly compact resource use. This helps to minimise power consumption and the required cost and complexity of the destination FPGA chipset.

We provide waveform cores for both Altera and Xilinx platforms and are competent in a range of FPGA vendor software tools and provide software cores for embedded ARM platforms.