Waveforms for communication are both complex and finely honed in order to function as intended. Many years of academic and government research have been ploughed into development of waveforms to maximise the performance of all factors yet the majority of research is commercially driven to improve spectrum efficiency and data rates for gsm, wifi and DAB type applications.

It takes many years for military implementations to catch up and less commercial users are interested in funding intentionally jammed or spoofed links.  The accuracy of communication synchronisation on cheap clocks is imperative in the successful operation of portable handheld units and gets harder over a network of many nodes each with different time offsets. Improvising this is a challenge.

Commercial infrastructure is usually built around the support of the user with masts, cabling and site surveys to maximise the transparency of the service to every day people.

Military and special users often are not able to make use of this infrastructure for various reasons. Deploying infrastructure is in most cases impossible and takes careful planning, integration and mitigation exercises.

IQHQ design, develop and implement research to significantly reduce this overhead to, where possible, create a hassle free link or network that works. Each part of that waveform is carefully looked into. From white papers, to academic research, military requirements, commercial advances, Internal and government research each is fed into a form that creates a waveform designed for the job. While this is productive, it is the rubics cube like configuration in a small package that offers the most flexibility. This is only possible by careful planning into the interaction of each part of that system.