What we do

IQHQ support the communications, intelligence, surveillance and security markets, using bespoke data-link and communication waveforms on custom designed hardware.

As one of the few waveform development companies in Europe, we not only implement communication waveforms, we test and develop them from the ground up. Using the latest techniques and cutting edge research with virtually limitless control and configuration, when paired with our hardware packages this provides a true Software Defined Radio or Data-link (SDRD).

Breaking the limitations of ASICS we allow controlled configuration of every function implemented in our firmware and hardware. This provides optimised profiles, resilient to weaknesses in each use case scenario. When considering interoperability, it also offers connectivity that provides the information needed, where needed and when needed under a variety of stressed link environments.

As a growing business built on staff from major Government agencies, Industry and academia, IQHQ are well placed to understand operational requirements and step up to challenges that have sat stagnant due to technology limitations.


Our research department draws from years of experience in the design, commissioning and testing of military radios, networks, secure communications, surveillance, academic studies and theoretical modelling to find solutions to novel problems.

While we have developed a broad knowledge base which we are happy to share with our customers we are also happy to investigate issues outside our main areas of expertise.


Our products team have years of experience as operational users, and support teams, integrating with civilian and military needs.  Mechanical, Software and Hardware solutions  can be delivered off the shelf or bespoke to customer needs. Rapid prototyping can be utilised to get solutions out into the field fast and our facilities provide the capabilities to demonstrate the best of our research and take it from concept to use.


We support our activities , from concept to delivery and into the future. Through life support is a key need in todays world which adds value to any purchase. With software defined products we are also able to add functionality far into the future maximising the life of your purchase.