Our engineers come from prestigious Government, academic and industry backgrounds. An array of experience and skills gives us a wide ranging capability and many ways to apply this.

A range of staff skills and experience working in organisations such as DSTL, L-3, DERA, GCHQ, SELEX, Smiths Industries, Comms Audit,  QinetiQ, Ultra Electronics and many more give backgrounds in Govt, Research, Manufacturing and delivery.

IQHQ’S domain experiences are the following:

  • Military radio communication systems
  • Waveform design and development
  • FPGA platforms (VHDL)
  • Digital signal processing (DSP)
  • RF & Microwave up to 60 GHz
  • Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM)
  • Military systems engineering
  • Embedded ARM processor and System On Chip
  • Low SWaP DSP and video processing technology
  • Windows and Unix software engineering
  • Video and broadcast camera systems and interfaces
  • Communication research
  • Special projects and rapid prototyping
  • Wireless cyber security
  • Electronic Interface standards
  • UAV datalinks
  • PXI test systems
  • RF surveillance, EA and EW
  • Gnu radio
  • Mesh networking and automated mesh management
  • Force Protection and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)
  • Electronics (design, schematic capture, layout)
  • Low SWAP design
  • Microcontrollers, ARM, FPGA, DSP, analogue, Digital
  • Mechanical design and rapid prototyping
  • Test, Trials and support