Blue Sky research requires capable facilities, equipment, a controlled environment and an academic mind.We use tools which give flexible and fast demonstration of ideas before committing new theory to hardware. Being able to understand the benefits and disadvantages without wasting time is key to offering can do rather than might work solutions in a satisfactory cost and time frame. Existing research feeds our prototyping and development capabilities  to provide in house development platforms ready for technology demonstration.
Hardware delivery on sensitive contracts requires  facilities which support the development, manufacture, test, evaluation and control in an environment designed specifically for the requirements imposed on this type of work. Electronic, mechanical, Electrical tasks require investment in capable equipment and knowledgeable users.


  • GNU Radios with open architecture as building blocks to test blue sky ideas before committing to time consuming firmware, software and hardware implementation.
  • Matlab simulations allow parameter adjustment on realtime simulation that can be used time and time again in a variety of circumstances.
  • Evaluation boards and simple block builds ensures hardware development is the final item in a chain of derisking exercises.
    All of these act as tools in an arsenal that can be used at will minimising overheads.


IQHQ Hardware capabilities allow control of all parameters vital to successful research and products delivery and demonstration in house. A British owned and run company  we make use of the facilities and organisations Britain has to offer while keeping all design, assembly and test in house and splitting manufacture between in house and UK based companies. This allows us to minimise delays in work needing fast delivery, maintain a full comprehension of all tasks in house and retaining sensitive project work where necessary.

Two areas support hardware:

  • Research, Prototyping and design
  • Production

In order to deliver here we maintain a growing facility:

  • Mechanical workshop
  • Assembly facilities
  • Prototyping shop