IQHQ support both Military and Civilian areas of the communications, intelligence, surveillance and security markets. Using bespoke waveforms and custom designed hardware we use experience driven research and solid engineering to deliver high-tech solutions in small packages.
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As one of the few waveform design companies in Europe we build communications standards from the ground up. Specialising in datalinks and video transmission among others we model communications, RF, and datalink techniques before testing in the lab.
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Understanding customer needs and our own limitations are an important step in taking our capabilities from concept to to deliverable. Our products are designed to demonstrate the best of our research and meet challenging operational needs..
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Created with expertise from Government, industry and academia, IQHQ achieve great things for a variety of customers. Keep up with our less sensitive exhibitions, contracts and papers here.
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IQHQ strengths lie in its staff. We constantly look for new potential and recruit on two levels. Inexperienced staff with a bright future and experienced staff with an existing background.
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